Marshmallow Painting — Art


This is a very easy art method to use with your children.  We simply squirted out blobs of different colored tempera paint onto foam plates and dot-painted with marshmallows.

You can use mini, regular-sized or jumbo ones.  You can even find novelty-shaped marshmallows during the holidays.

Just be prepared to let your kids eat a few marshmallows on the side!


My youngest daughter enjoyed making an abstract picture.

Mini Magnetic Canvas – Art


I found these awesome little magnetic canvases at Walmart on my last shopping trip.  They’re in the arts and crafts section.  The kids had the option of using paint or markers, and they all opted for markers.

Now the kids’ artwork is displayed on the fridge.  This was a fun and easy art project and it’s totally open-ended, so that kids can express themselves in whatever way they wish.


I traced the canvas on some scrap paper and gave the kids templates to plan out their designs before they tackled the canvases.  This one is from Son #2.  He likes designing crazy-looking people and aliens.