Old Keyboard — English


We hit upon this idea totally by accident.  My daughter brought an old computer keyboard to me yesterday and asked how to spell my name.  I told her and then pointed out each letter in turn for her to push.  Why did I never think of teaching her letters using an old computer keyboard?!

She went on to ask how to spell her own name and those of other family members.  After typing in several names, there were a few letters which she recognized without my prompting.

The keyboard could also be used to teach a child their numbers (assuming it has a number pad), or even the different punctuation marks and symbols.  And if your child practices spelling, this would be a fun method for them to key in their spelling words!

If you have an old keyboard lying around, why don’t you pull it out and have some fun with it?

Recognizing Punctuation & Symbols



This activity is very easy and cheap!  My son took this handout from church and circled all of the punctuation and symbols he could find on it.

When he was finished we looked at all of the different types of punctuation and symbols, and discussed when each would be used.  That’s it!

How could it get any easier to get your child to explore the uses of punctuation?

Recognizing Capital Letters


We used this simple activity with one of our children who was having some difficulty recognizing when words should be capitalized.  It’s very simple and costs nothing–major bonus!

Simply find a piece of junk mail and give your child a highlighter.  Tell them that you want them to find all of the capital letters on the page.  They can sit down and highlight to their heart’s content.

Once they’re finished, ask them to show you all of the capital letters they found.  You could also discuss why certain words are capitalized (such as being the first word in a sentence, someone’s name, the name of a month or day of the week, etc.).

This is a really easy way to raise your child’s awareness of the use and recognition of capital letters.  Why not give it a try?  🙂