Here is our Valentine’s Day box from last year!  This is a fun and usable group art project.  You could let your kids plan out a design ahead of time or just wing it.  It’s totally up to you!

I used my X-ACTO knife to cut a slot in the top of our box.  For decorating, we had some silver and pink duct tape left over from other projects, so we decided to use those colors on our box.

The kids decorated the entire box with Valentine’s stickers that I had gotten at the dollar store.  I’m glad I got several packs because they went through almost all of them!


To finish off the ends of the box we put on some washi tape I had sitting around–silver glitter, heart garland, plain pink, and pink polka dots.  The tape may not stay on the best, so a bit of clear tape on the ends might help.

I hope our box has provided you with some inspiration for decorating your own Valentine’s Day box.  We just used an old gift box and items I already had around the house.  See what you can make with your odds and ends!