If you’re one to celebrate Halloween, then you can count pumpkin carving as an art activity for your kids.  We spend time picking out the right design, transferring it to the pumpkin, picking the right tools, and then developing carving skills as we try to make a recognizable design.  I’ve pretty much stopped using paring knives for carving because I’ve had too many close calls myself.  I don’t want to put sharp knives into the hands of my kids.  I’ve found some perfectly usable pumpkin carving kits at Walmart, etc. that the kids can use safely.

Above is a pumpkin we carved one year when we wanted to do the Klingon Empire emblem. It looked like it wouldn’t be too difficult.  I found an image on the Internet and printed it at what looked to be about the right size.  Then I trimmed off the extra paper around the image and taped it to the pumpkin.  A poky little carving tool was used to mark the lines with dots.  Then I removed the paper and carved as usual.  The results rock, if I do say so myself!

Why don’t you and your kids give this activity a try yourself?  You can choose any theme you like!