Cake decorating is a fun, edible form of artwork that you can do with your children!  The cake above is one that we did for Halloween one year.  My son found the design in a book and asked if we could recreate it.  We were very happy with the results.

The thing I like best about this type of cake is that it doesn’t depend on stellar frosting skills.  As long as you can get a basic coating of frosting on there, the rest is fairly simple.  It’s just a matter of assembling the different components and arranging them on the cake.  This is my favorite way of decorating cakes.

Decorating a cake this way, as opposed to using six different colors of frosting, five different decorating tips, and several custom cake decorating gadgets, is so easy that your kids could even lead the charge.  And there’s something magical about a cake when the design becomes 3-D.

Your kids will learn all about design, mixing colors, food artistry, flow and form, and how to translate their design into physical components.  It’s a great learning opportunity and you get to eat it when it’s done!  What could be better?