It’s that time of year again!  When fall comes around, there will be a lot of raking going on at our house.  We have two trees which shed leaves, plus overflow from two of the neighbors’ trees.  Another one of our trees dumps a lot of pine needles, which are rather a pain to rake.

We usually end up with somebody wanting our bags of leaves for their garden and our pine needles for their blueberries.  That’s fine with me–I’d rather not haul them!

The kids offered their services this year in helping with the raking.  Not only does this count as a physical education activity, but it’s teaching them real-life skills, as well.  It’s a glorious thing when kids can engage in activities which teach them, and help the family function more smoothly at the same time!


My three-year-old was very excited to find this boxelder bug in the yard.  She asked me to take a picture of it.