Sorry for the subpar photos–all I had with me was my phone!  We recently took a field trip to one of our local parks which also houses animals which you would normally see in the zoo.  The park has undergone some major renovations in recent years, and the animal enclosures are much better than when I was a kid.  Above you can see the two tigers who live there.  The orange one got very kitty-frisky while we were there and ended up stalking the white one and pouncing at it in a playful way.  It’s fun to see such large cats exhibiting the behaviors of house cats.


It’s difficult to tell, but the bison on the right is actually a white bison.  I remember back when it was born, there was some kind of Native American ceremony at the park because a white bison is considered sacred.  Now it’s full-grown and apparently has parented a young one, which was half-hidden in the grass a short distance away.


We also saw a couple of ring-tailed lemurs.  They are so cute and probably our favorite animal there.  When we first arrived, one of them came up to the glass to check out the kids.


The lemurs were quite entertaining.  They took up meditative stances and faced toward the sun, no doubt enjoying its warmth on the mostly overcast day.  It was uncanny how they looked like hairy little people doing yoga.

Do you have a local wildlife park?  If so, it’s a wonderful place to take your kids so they can learn more about wildlife through observation!