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We recently ordered the Rock & Mineral Collection Activity Kit from Dancing Bear on Amazon.  We’ve been wanting to explore samples like these ever since our trip to a nearby cave, but their prices at the store were exorbitant.


This handy little kit came in a medium-small box.  It included an identification sheet with clear pictures and labeling (quite helpful for this mom who couldn’t identify rocks if her life depended on it).  It also came with a nice assortment of shark’s teeth, two arrowheads, an amethyst cluster, and two geodes that we could break open ourselves.  And just look at how beautiful these specimens are!  Fancy jewelry can’t even compare to the beautiful patterns in these rocks that come straight from the earth!


I have to say that I’m very impressed by this little kit!  It kept my five kids busy looking at and classifying the different specimens for quite some time.  It also introduced them to the wonder of rocks, minerals and gems in a very hands-on way.  I love sparking children’s interest by allowing them to learn through hands-on exploration!

Some of the rocks in this kit have not been tumbled, so we were inspired to buy a rock tumbler to see what they will look like once they’re all polished.  We also checked out a couple of videos about geodes on Youtube and want to try out some geode hunting for ourselves.

I highly recommend this kit or something similar as an excellent supplement to your child’s homeschooling education!