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The kids and I watched Nova: Emperor’s Ghost Army the other day to learn about the terra cotta statues that were discovered in China in the 1970’s.  I’m sure we’ve all seen the pictures of the long ranks of clay statues, and wondered what on earth they were made for.  This video will help you figure that out!  It’s a very engaging and informative video that is full of information.  My kids really enjoyed it, as did I.

I won’t tell you everything that the video said, but I will share a few things that stuck out to me.  The statues were actually part of a vast burial complex which was constructed through forced labor.  In the video they talk about the design and quality of the weapons which the statues held at one time, how the statues were made, and how the emperor came to power.  It’s a fascinating look at the early history of the Chinese empire.

I would highly recommend it as a fun way to learn about history!

There was some theatrical fighting and a little bit of fake blood shown, but I can’t think of anything else objectionable in it.