Presto Change-O 1

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I recently purchased Presto Change-O so that my kids could play an educational game that would teach them about money.  In it players take turns moving around the board and either paying money (for things like going to the movies), or earning money (for things like washing the dishes).  There is also a spot where you can deposit a dollar and collect interest each time you pass it.  Another space is a business investment where you buy the space and collect money each time another player lands on it.

The game comes with fake money, though it resembles real U.S. coinage and bills.  The nice thing about this game is that if you lose a coin, it’s easy to just substitute a real one in its place.

It’s quite simple to play and my kids enjoy it.  They are becoming experts now at figuring out money matters for themselves.  Yay!

Presto Change-O 2