Multiplication Bingo 2 - w

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I love to find alternate ways for my kids to work on math.  If it’s fun, so much the better!  The boys and I frequently play Multiplication & Division BINGO to help them memorize and review their math facts.

We don’t play for prizes, but you could if you wanted to.  It’s such a simple, yet fun way to provide review for your kids.  It also doesn’t require you to come up with some super-fancy idea–that’s what I like!

The cards are double-sided, one being multiplication, the other division.  The fact cards are also double-sided.  It has more than enough little red markers, and also includes a large poster with all of the math facts.  Bonus–the set comes with enough playing cards for an entire class!

Do you use any resources like this in your kids’ schooling?  How does it work for you?

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