Peoples of World 1-w

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For a long time, Social Studies was a subject that mystified me in our homeschooling journey.  How was I supposed to teach it?  What exactly should I teach?  What order?  How could I make it interesting?  During my own schooling years, I thought Social Studies was a boring class.  Leave it to the public school system to suck all the life out of a subject!  It wasn’t until my adult years that I learned how truly interesting history, the world, and different people groups really are.  Given the right method for relaying the information, Social Studies can be fascinating!

That is what I’d like to impart to my kids.  I want them to look at the world and people around them with curiosity and wonder.  I want history to be a living story for them.  To that end, I’m sticking with what has worked for me.  Textbooks are definitely out!  I enjoy historical novels, documentary-style videos, and kids’ books that are loaded with colorful, interesting pictures and informative text.  Another way that’s fun to explore different cultures is through their food.  It doesn’t get much more basic than that.

Peoples of the World is a book that we chose to sort of start us off on this Social Studies journey.  It gives a broad overview of the concept of people groups and culture.  It then goes on to each land area of the world, highlighting some general information about it.  The pictures are great and really enhance the learning.  There is also a nice map at the beginning of the book.