Chalk 1-w

We attempted to do an experiment with chalk, but it was a very sorry and disappointing endeavor.  I think chalk must be made differently from how it used to be made in the good old days.  Do they make it with a different substance or in an alternate manner?

For the procedure we measured equal amounts of vinegar, water and lemon juice into three separate glasses.  We then put an equal-sized piece of chalk into the three glasses.  Then we let them sit for days and days, checking them each day to see if there had been any changes.  There were only very slight changes to the chalk, when supposedly there should have been at least one very notable disintegration.  You can see from the picture above that only a slight reduction in the size of the chalk was all we achieved.

Our first experiment was done using colored chalk because that’s all I had in the house.  When we didn’t get the desired results, we thought maybe the colored chalk was to blame.  We tried again with white chalk, but got the same results.  Our only conclusion was that chalk is made differently from how it used to be.  Not the most exciting experiment ever!

Chalk 2-w