Apples 1-w

As part of our math curriculum, we use Life of Fred books.  A homeschool friend clued us in to them, and the boys have really enjoyed it so far.  Fred, the main character, is a 5-year-old teacher at KITTENS University.  The book is broken up into chapters which follow Fred through his interesting days.  He does a lot of silly stuff, with math concepts sprinkled throughout and repeated often.  At the end of each chapter there are questions to answer.  The narrative is very tongue-in-cheek and full of comical drawings.

You can order the books in sets, either the entire 10-book elementary set, or in three separate sets.  This link takes you to the page with the different ordering options.  Each book ends up costing about $16.

We’re on to the next book in the series…Butterflies