I’m transferring a bunch of posts from an old blog of mine, so get ready to be inundated!  Here’s the first one!

My kids are addicted to TV.  Any chance they get, they’re clamoring for a chance to watch a full-length movie, a cartoon episode, anything at all, so long as it appears on the television screen.  I would like to cut down on the frivolous things they watch, and promote educational viewing instead.  I’ll be doing a little experiment with educational videos and see what the results are.  Here are the videos we’ve watched this week.  I think I’ll stick to one video per day (depending on length), in the morning, so that we have a chance to think over and discuss it throughout the day.

How Sugar Affects the Brain

Pizza Physics

Should We Eat Bugs?

The Arctic vs. the Antarctic

What’s Below the Tip of the Iceberg?

After watching the bug video, we had a short discussion on which of us would be willing to eat bugs, what type, and the method of preparation.  The kids said they’d be willing to try chocolate covered bugs, I would try insect flour, hubby would try pretty much anything, and one child was not at all willing.  I quick got online and bought some mealworms.  Let’s try this out before I chicken out!